Andrei Arlovski: “If someone regret it then becomes a habit”

Famous fighter mixed martial Andrei Arlovski gave an interview to The stadium, which described the implications of the fight with Sergei Kharitonov and shared his plans for the future.

- How do you feel after a bout with Sergei Kharitonov? In the fight you have had heavy knock-out …
- Knockout was really serious, but now I feel fine. After the fight, “enlightened” mind outcome of the survey showed that everything is in order. I want to fight, but also for the health of its uniquely suffer. I do not want to be disabled. Professional sport and so is not very good for health, and I think it should not exacerbate it with his carelessness. So I somehow every six months going through a complete examination of the body.

- You have three of his last four fights lost by KO. An American doctor, commenting on the case, suggested that heavy knock-out if no effect on the health of athletes at once, can make itself felt later on due to the so-called cumulative effect. Summing up, the expert said that would not advise you to pursue a career …
- Do not want to seem rude, but I really do not care about the opinion of the American doctor. Because I advise serious experts in this area, which more than one year are active in sports injuries of this nature. The players in college football for the year happens, usually about 5-7 concussion. Fighters mixed style, in this sense to the players far away …

- When viewing your battle with Kharitonov involuntarily outrage - not so much the actions of your opponent who beats you, lying down, as the behavior of a judge who did not immediately stop the fight.
- By Kharitonov on this episode in general no claims can not be. I’m in his place would do the same. But the judge may have acted somewhat unprofessional.

- In your career there was another bloody battle - in 2005, but as a victim then made by your opponent. You have broken Justin Eylers nose and both hands. How such a thing could happen in one match?
- Well, it’s basically almost the same thing that made me Kharitonov. I broke Eylers nose and hands, which it closed on my punches, already lying on the floor. He hit me low-kick, I put the block and damaged his knee. He grabbed it, and I began to thrash him until the referee stopped the fight. In principle, this is the normal situation for fighting. Eylers poor, by the way, shot his stepfather at some family event.

It happens that in training I feel sorry for someone, but by and large it’s going to harm you, then the impact. If someone regret it then becomes a habit. If a fighter wearing gloves, helmet, he’s also going to hit me, hurt me. I’ve had this problem - too comfortable workout.

- In the mix-fight was such concept as “the curse Emelianenko: Career every fighter after losing to Fedor walked on down … And then about Liakhovich:)

25 March 2011

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