Do not wake the Russian bear

The image of the “Russian bear” first appeared in the propaganda during the Napoleonic wars, when the then “European Union behalf comrade Buonoparta” tried once again to explain to Russia that “Alexander, you’re wrong.” Wrong with violation of the Continental blockade, unable to war and, in general, does not understand the essence of the moment in European history. Well, of course, have to pay for everything.
Then the image of the “Russian bear” will continually emerge and haunt the European minds. Hulk Russia in the east will not disappear, but only wants to get stronger and strange. And, in addition to the blockade and the war in the plot of confrontation between Russia and the West, there is another point - the sacred purpose, in an effort to which Russia can be easily and reliably catch “hung”.
In the nineteenth century, such a goal was unattainable Constantinople:

Today the role of Russia for this purpose chose Ukraine.
And “collective West”, which over the twentieth century took place in Europe XIX-th century, still trying to put the Russian bear on a leash.

What has changed over half a century, from the time of the Crimean War?
After a disaster, 1991, Russia was thrown from the Baltic and Black seas, miraculously clutching small pieces coast near Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg during those important for Russian inland seas.

Western attempts in the 1990s to set fire again, as during the Crimean War, the North Caucasus, was a complete failure - and today, Chechen, Abkhaz and South Ossetian volunteers fought in the ranks of the army of New Russia - Chechnya is now an integral part of Russia and Abkhazia and South Ossetia - Russian faithful allies.

However - the collective West is still strong.
And, most likely, the same trio - blockade, war and sacred purpose - to be used against Russia this time.
As a result, in case of success of the plan of the West, Russia will be invited, as always, “to pay for everything.” Only this time, unfortunately, it will be an attempt to complete disintegration of Russia and the introduction of direct control of the West captured territory - albeit hands “native” managers. On the patterns of the same in Ukraine.

Consider this triune action of the West in the fight against Russia in more detail.

The blockade has always been a favorite tool of the West in the confrontation with a weak opponent. I must say that in economic terms, Russia is really quite difficult to enter into an open confrontation with the collective West. If we thought in terms of the twentieth century - that there would be provision of modern Russia would generally hopeless and 146 million people (hello, Krymnash, not 143!) Against the almost 1 billion people in the West.
The one “golden billion”.
Well, and 4% of Russia’s GDP in the world economy - against almost 50% of world GDP in Western countries.
It would seem - David vs. Goliath against pygmy dwarf.
However, in the power of 50% and in the standards of living of the “golden billion” and concluded organic weakness of the West project …

21 November 2014

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