USGS: oil production by fracturing causes earthquakes

Shale oil and gas by hydraulic fracturing (frekinga) really causes tremors and not merely its light vibration and a major earthquake, which took place in the central United States.
To such conclusion the group of researchers from the University of Colorado and the US Geological Survey.

They analyzed the tremors of magnitude from 4.7 to 5.6 in the states of Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and Arkansas for the period from 2011 and 2012 and established the link between earthquakes and carried out there in shale oil and gas injection wells.
“This is the first study to analyze the relationship between injection wells and the earthquakes in virtually nationwide - said the head of the group, the expert of the geological department of the University of Matthew Ueyngarten. - We have seen a huge increase in earthquakes associated with these wells, particularly in the period after 2009″.

The researchers compared the dates recorded earthquakes with dates of the works on injection into injection wells fracturing fluids (gel, water or acid consisting of more than 900 chemical compounds) and in many cases these terms coincided. Moreover coincidence usually observed in areas of new shale development, where the liquid is pumped under very high pressure.
Participants in the study also pointed out that some areas are more “sensitive” to the seismic activity, so there is need to improve the monitoring of the production of shale oil and gas, and possibly the special control measures work.
The technology of hydraulic fracturing has allowed the United States to dramatically increase the production of natural gas and reduce oil imports.

19 June 2015

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