Hillary Clinton explained the situation in Libya, the Libyans themselves countering US efforts

After the NATO intervention and the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Libya plunged into chaos. The potential US presidential candidate from Democrats Hillary Clinton, who at that time held the post of secretary of state, says that Washington has made every effort to help the Libyan people to overcome the crisis. In an interview with RT analyst Lew Rockwell noted that during the presidential race Washington’s foreign policy for the first time in a long time has been questioned.

During the pre-election debates in the United States and raised the topic of NATO intervention in Libya in 2011. Ex-Secretary of State, one of the possible Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, among other things, said: “We have attempted, albeit unsuccessfully because of the opposition of Libya to our efforts.”

At the same time in March 2011, Clinton declared: “We are on the side of the Libyan people - and we will defend it without hesitation.” Later, in October of the same year, she summed up the US and NATO intervention as follows: “We came, we saw, he died.”

After the NATO intervention in the Libyan conflict is a civil war going on in the country, and the population is still massively running of the state. In addition, Libya has become a hotbed of terrorism.

“According to US intelligence, the number of militants” Islamic state “in Libya reaches 4-6 thousand in the last year and a half, their number has increased by about half.” - Reported to Gen. David Rodriguez, head of the Africa Command of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Logic statements Hillary Clinton commented to RT President Ludwig von Mises Institute Lew Rockwell.

“In case of failure, usually say:” I am not guilty, are they all “Yes, Hillary Clinton stranglehold clutched Obama But if the polls show that he can pull it to the bottom, of course, she will throw him overboard… That is how she acts as indeed did in the past, and her husband. legal terms, it has been an accomplice to, during and after the Libyan events. of course, Obama took the final decision, but Clinton his spurs and incited to certain actions, constantly exerting pressure, “- he recalled.

“A very positive feature of the presidential election -.. The fact that for the first time in a long time questioned US foreign policy, and it is for the better of disputes with NATO, with US bases and military presence around the world … Let’s hope that part of the these problems we leave behind “, - Rockwell said in conclusion.

18 April 2016

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