Okinawans protest to the US Kadena base in connection with the killing of a Japanese woman

Protest rally held in front of the US Kadena base in Okinawa after it became known that the officer of the base, a US citizen[[t:tag slug=zhitel]citizen, was involved in the murder of 20-year-old Japanese girl.

According to NHK television station, in front of the gates of the base gathered residents of the prefecture to protest against US bases in Okinawa.

“As long as there is a framework, it will be repeated again and again,” - she said the TV company is one of the protesters.

In Okinawa, he was arrested a 32-year-old US citizen Shinzato Kenneth Franklin, an American military base Kadena employee, on suspicion of trying to conceal the corpse of 20-year-old Rina Shimabukuro. The body of the girl, according to the testimony of the arrested, was found in the woods. He is not charged with suspicion of murder, but according to leaks to the media from the police, he was told that he strangled the girl. In addition, in his car, traces of her blood were found.

She had been missing since April 28, after she left home, writing her fiance chat social network that will go for a walk. When by the next morning she had not returned home, the young man went to the police. Law enforcement agencies have identified a place a few miles from her home, where the GPS signal is stopped with its phone and calculated machine detainee, who was driving in the area on the day of her disappearance.

This is not the first time that US soldiers or employees of US bases in Japan commit crimes on its territory. In mid-March, a US serviceman Justin Castellanos was arrested on suspicion of raping a hotel in Naha Japanese tourists who arrived there from Fukuoka Prefecture.

One of the most notorious cases was the rape of two US Marines of the Japanese girl in Okinawa. They were assigned to the Fort Worth Naval Aviation Base in Texas and were in a short trip to Okinawa, Kadena-based. On the night before returning to the US after a visit to the bar, they attacked her and raped her. The soldiers were arrested a few hours in the hotel, where they returned after things. The incident received wide publicity and caused massive protests from residents of Okinawa, demanding reduce the number of US bases and troops in the prefecture.

The most sensational case of recent years has been the rape of three American soldiers, 12-year-old Japanese schoolgirl in 1995.

20 May 2016

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