The National Interest, US: Russia to build 12 powerful warships equipped with 200 missiles each

It is expected that the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation will sign a contract with the Kremlin for the construction of a new powerful destroyer Project 23569 “Leader“, after his final appearance it will be approved later this year.

“At present, preliminary design 23560″ Leader “is under consideration in the Ministry of Defense, - said Igor Ponomarev, vice president of USC in military shipbuilding -. After a positive decision will be developed by the technical project of the ship and the documentation for the construction of the ship in the terms defined by the Ministry of Defense under a contract which is expected to be signed. ”

The new warship, which will be classified as a destroyer, will have a displacement of about 17.5 thousand tons, a length of 200 meters and a width of 20 meters, then there will be more massive than most heavy cruisers World War II era. The destroyers class “leader” on board which is expected to be at least 200 missiles will be the second largest modern surface warships, second only to heavy nuclear missile cruiser Project 1144 “Orlan”.

The new destroyer will be equipped with means of air, missile and anti-submarine warfare. Most likely, it will also have the ability to attack ground targets, in particular through the winged long-range missiles “Caliber-NK”. Although it is on the destroyers class “leader” is little known, these ships will be equipped with 60 cruise missiles, 128 anti-aircraft guided missiles and 16 anti-tank guided missiles. While accurate information on a combination of different missiles, which will be on board the destroyer, no, but the air defense system, likely to become options for the C-400 or C-500, while the anti-gun become options supersonic missile “Zircon”.

So far, Russia has provided very little information about the engine of the destroyer “Leader”, but most likely the ship will be atomic, and can reach speeds of 30 knots. Possibly, it is also able to remain in the sea without support for 90 days. Late last year, representatives of the Office of US Naval Intelligence suggested that Russia will build 12 new warships.

“Depending on the type of engine, these ships can be a displacement of 8 to 18 thousand tons, combining the characteristics of destroyers and destroyers, and possessing a powerful means of warfare in the air, on and under the water, as well as missile defense means. According to some reports, Russia intends to build six such ships to the Northern and Pacific fleets (12), - the Office of naval intelligence report on the Russian navy -. The main unit is likely to be built until the mid-2020s in the media. a message appears stating that the decision on the engine - whether it be a traditional gas turbine or nuclear engine - has not yet been made final version may depend on the decisions that will need to take on a new aircraft carrier, which, if it is built, most likely. It will be atomic. ”

If we assume that Russia will be able to build class “leader” ship in its current economic situation, the latest destroyers in power will surpass the largest surface warships in the US Navy. Moreover, the nuclear engine will allow these large warships carry out operations around the world, without the need for refueling and entering the port. This will allow Moscow to receive an effective instrument of power projection, by the power of close to carrier strike group.

Author Dave Majumdar (Dave Majumdar)

13 June 2016

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