Russian bombers hooked US mercenaries in Syria

Air Force[/t[t:tag slug=sila]Force (Air Force) Russia on Thursday bombarded LIH hooked forces and US mercenaries ( “U.S.-trained rebels” - trained rebels) on the south side of Syria. An official of the US Department of Defense came to Russia for emergency communication to ask Russia to stop bombing, which was followed by a second wave of attacks, ignoring the request, reports FoxNews.

“Following a request, they came back and hit again,” - complained the US official said.

On Friday, at an emergency meeting in the Pentagon Ash Carter said the Russian, perhaps, did not know that our soldiers are bombing, it is necessary to find out before you jump to conclusions.

“Russia is fighting with LIH forces, and to say that they deliberately attacked our mercenaries sooner. Maybe it’s just intelligence error. It is also worth noting that communications hotline set up by between US troops and Russian, not professionally used, and the Russian Air Force could not get a message on the termination of the bombing, “- said Carter.

Russia was against the covert operations of US forces in Syria and secret training anti-Assad forces. Therefore, among the dead militants have trained Americans.

In the photo US-trained rebels

The photo militants LIH

18 June 2016

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