“Officers of Russia” asks Interior Ministry to train employees how not to deal with the demonstrators, the example of the negative experience of American police actions during riots in Ferguson

Russian Interior Ministry asked to examine the negative experience of American police actions during riots in Ferguson (Missouri, USA), which have been going on for the second month, and mandatory to include it in the curriculum of the Ministry of Interior employees as an example of how not to act by the police.

With the corresponding proposal to the department asked the chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian organization “Russian officers,” the chairman of the Commission on Security of the Public Chamber Anton Tsvetkov. According to him, the American police during the summer events in Ferguson showed an example of blatant unprofessionalism and excessive use of force, so that our law enforcement officers need to understand the mistakes of others and clearly understand how to act is unacceptable.

Recall that in Ferguson against demonstrators were used rubber bullets, tear gas, stun grenades and acoustic cannon. Available units SWAT (paramilitary special police unit), participated in the events in Ferguson, was also armored vehicles, military automatic weapons, night vision, thermal imaging, stun grenades and other equipment. During the riots, which lasted two weeks, in Ferguson were arrested more than 200 people. Two people were killed and four policemen were injured.

According to Tsvetkov, the center’s experts crime prevention and crime “Russian Officers’ studied in detail the actions of the American police in the course of suppressing riots in Ferguson, and their predecessor.

According to experts, badly worked as a police unit in whose functionality is to work with the intelligence and agents, as well as those who are directly responsible for public safety. So, a lot of police blunders allowed immediately after the tragic death of 18-year-old resident of Ferguson’s Michael Brown. His body lay on the sidewalk a few hours before he was finally taken. After that, despite the growing resonance events, no one does not promptly brought to the public and the media objective information about the incident, and no one interviewed key witnesses.

- In fact, there was no dialogue with civil society. None of the police and the local authorities did not attempt to extinguish the conflict at an early stage, although the consequences of the murder of black teenager police in the city’s predominantly African-American, it was possible to predict lack of precedents, - the flower.

Riots and clashes in Ferguson, located in the suburbs of St. Louis, were developed after August 9 black teenager Michael Brown shot a white police officer Darren Wilson. The murder of a black teenager caused a strong reaction among the locals, most of whom are African American. Many of them went on night protests, later grew into a hard collision with the police.

30 September 2014

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