American student accused George W. Bush in creating LIH

19-year-old Ivy Zidrich sure it was US actions in the Middle East led to the largest terrorist organization now.

The incident took place during a meeting of the candidate for the US presidency from the Republican Party Jeb Bush voters. 19-year-old student at the University of Nevada Zidrich Ivey went to the policy during the autograph session, a statement that the decision of his brother’s ex-President George W. Bush on the dissolution of the Iraqi army after the US invasion of the country led to the emergence of “Islamic state” (the organization is banned in Russia by a decision of the Supreme Court. - Comm. LifeNews.).
- It (the creation of LIH) happened when 30 thousand people, who were part of the Iraqi army, were left to fend for themselves - they did not have no job, no income, but had access to weapons. Your brother !, establish an Islamic state - the words quoted students The New York Times.

This girl did not stop, and accused the George W. Bush to use natsionalistichneskoy rhetoric with the aim to draw the US into unnecessary military conflicts.

- America sent young men to die in the Middle East, just to prove their exclusivity - said Zidrich.

The presidential candidate tried to dispute the girl, saying that the United States was able to neutralize al-Qaeda, and to establish peace in the Middle East, however, it was too fragile and at any moment could be conflicts on religious grounds.

- We had an agreement with the Iraqi government that the United States may leave the territory of the country’s ten-thousand contingent of troops, even less than that taken in Korea. This would maintain stability in the country and would allow it to progress. But this agreement has not been signed, and the void was filled immediately - said Jeb Bush, and then stopped autograph session.

“Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (”Islamic state”, IG) - a terrorist organization in the Middle East. Until 2013 group called “Islamic State of Iraq.” She has appeared as a result of the merger of 11 militant groups headed by a division of “Al-Qaeda” in Iraq. In April 2013 LIH soldiers swore allegiance to the leader of “Al Qaeda” Ayman al-Zawahiri. Over the past year in the media repeatedly, there were reports of executions of members of the group of Christian hostages. Video executions LIH members placed on the web.

15 May 2015

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The vast majority of U.S. residents - 71% - believe that their country should not have to get involved in the war in Iraq in 2003.
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WASHINGTON, January 12 - RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. Former U.S.
• Pentagon: as a result of air strikes killed three leaders of LIH. Among the 350 dead militants ¬- the main financier of the terrorist group »»»
Abu Salah was one of the most experienced terrorists whose death would violate the ability of IG carry out financial transactions.

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