London is blocking the creation evroarmii defending US interests

UK strongly opposes the attempt to create a unified European army - the idea, advocated by France and Germany. And despite the fact that the British government is trying to prevent the country’s exit from the EU. Why the one hand, London, in fact, repels the European Union, and on the other - it tends to remain in the?

Britain has promised to veto any attempt to create a unified European army. This was stated by British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, arguing that “there is no possibility of creating a European Union army.”

The statement was made head of the British Ministry of Defence in the midst of preparing for a referendum in which residents of the United Kingdom have to say “yes” or “no” to the preservation of the country in the European Union. The referendum is scheduled for June 23.

Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom has been actively campaigning against Brexit (out of EU) - agreed to the fact that the self-exclusion of Britain from the European Union supposedly will benefit Russia and Vladimir Putin. Nevertheless, the defense minister in the cabinet Cameron spoke sharply against one of the measures designed to maintain and strengthen the European Union. What is the reason?

“To hint to Russia”

The idea of ​​creating the EU army, as we set out in the expert report by Javier Solana - the former head of the Council of Europe, the ex-Secretary General of NATO, and now - the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. The report referred to the need to develop a new security strategy for Europe. Solana also expressed a hypothetical possibility to conduct military operations outside the EU and to establish the headquarters of the European Command of the army in Brussels.

The fact that the European Union needs its army, and said the European Commission President (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. “Such an army would help us to implement a common foreign and security policy”, - he noted. According to him, the EU with the army will be able to respond to the threat to the state - members of the community or to neighboring countries. These threats, says Juncker, come primarily from Russia.

“The EU army is needed not to use it at once, and to hint to Russia that we are serious about protecting the values ​​of the European Union”, - said Juncker, adding that NATO is not suitable for this, because not all members of the alliance include in EU.

But obviously premature to consider an application Juncker evidence of a certain plan. In Brussels, the differences on this issue are clearly present.

In late May, the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini has denied any suggestion of creating “evroarmii”. According to her, Brussels has no plans to create its own armed forces, those rumors are a complete fabrication.

Bugbear “Fourth Reich”

The idea of ​​the creation of EU army lobbies Germany (in connection with which some observers say this as much as you want Berlin to create a “Fourth Reich”). In March, the desirability of creating a single European army said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

These views are shared by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen. To transform these ideas into reality offers the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Relations Norbert Röttgen. At first, we can talk about the creation of a single general staff to coordinate the activities of armed forces. “Our ability to remain defense in terms of the security policy to be insufficient as long as we keep the army of individual States, which are also for the most part do and buy the same thing, only in small quantities,” - said Rettgen. According to the British Financial Times, in July Germany intends to make a formal proposal to create a joint European General Staff.

In support of pan-European army actively supports not only Germany. In late April, the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman has called for the creation of a unified army of the European Union, the need for the formation of which he explained the serious problems with the protection of the external borders of the organization during the migration crisis.

US disadvantageous unified European army

The position of the UK is dictated by an absolute adherence to the policy in the wake of the US, which considers a single army of the EU as a threat to its influence, noted in comments the newspaper VIEW political scientist, associate professor of the department of international security RSUH Yevsei Vasiliev.

United Kingdom, when it comes to the EU security issues, has always and consistently acts as a US ally. US disadvantageous single army in Europe, as it will reduce the dependency on Washington of Brussels. Hence the position of London. ”

“Let me remind you that until 2011 there was a project called” Brussels Pact “(or the Western European Union), which many saw as an alternative to NATO. Moreover, the EU Action to the OSCE security with its peacekeeping forces. On the other hand, the EU is difficult to carry out independent policy, when there are several tens of thousands of US troops “in its territory in the framework of NATO - said the analyst.

Said interlocutor “Brussels Pact” was created in 1948 with the participation of the UK, France and the Benelux countries in the order of “collective self-defense” against the “Soviet threat”, but with a view to the creation of joint armed forces in Western Europe. However, established a year later, in 1949, the North Atlantic Alliance - NATO, focused on the United States, completely replaced a Western European Union, and the first attempt to create an independent American military pact has been broken.

Researcher, Institute of Europe, the EU expert Alexander Kamkin also believes that “a certain role in the position of London played a special relationship between the two Anglo-Saxon countries - the US and Britain.” “Washington and, as a consequence, London does not want the EU moving away from the United States. Americans believe that a unified army will increase the EU’s independence from the United States. And they can not let that happen. Some of the EU establishment, in turn, is trying in every way to get out of Washington’s dictates , “- he said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Kamkin.

. “Firstly, the UK special relationship and the rights within the European Union Second, the idea of ​​a single EU military support competing with the UK countries - France and Germany - said the expert -. In addition, the British and American military-industrial complex is not beneficial to the creation of a single army . Now most of the armies of EU countries buy British or American weapons. If a single army will be created, there is a need to use European weapons. “

16 June 2016

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