Barack Obama urged compatriots to drink urine

At the White House Web site petition it appeared, which the authors call on President Obama to drink urine when he will star in a reality show about survival in the wild Running Wild. Filming will take place during the three-day visit of President of the United States to Alaska, which began on August 31.

According to the scenario of the program, the head of state will go into the wilderness of Alaska, along with leading shows Edward “Bear” Grylls.

“As we all know, tricks of survival in the wild include drinking their own urine. Therefore, we ask that Obama honestly was necessary course led Grylls. The president should drink his urine on filming Running Wild for the sake of science. It required a nation” - said in the petition.

By law, an appeal to the White House considered, it must collect 100 thousand signatures. At the time of their nearly 300 greater.

Leading he expressed in his “Twitter” hope that by drinking urine will not come.

2 September 2015

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