Expert: The Pentagon can not refute the fact that Turkey conducts business with IG

Today, at a special briefing of the Defense Ministry, the journalists were presented compelling evidence that the main buyer of oil produced in the occupied “Islamic state” of Syrian territory, is Turkey. Pentagon hastened to speak with a verbal denial position of the Defense Ministry, despite the existence of detailed data of satellite reconnaissance. The historian and military expert Boris Yulin said that the Pentagon’s denials and will not be backed up by anything other than loud statements.

During today’s special briefing, the Russian Defense Ministry Chief of General Staff Main Operations Directorate Sergei Rudskoy said the tankers “Islamic state” after crossing the Turkish-Syrian border delivers oil to the Turkish ports, where it is sent for processing to third countries. Report of the higher ranks of the Armed Forces has been backed by satellite imagery, where a convoy of trucks with oil sent from the territory of the “Islamic State” in Turkey.
US defense officials soon announced that no data on the involvement of Turkey in illicit oil seized IG militants in Iraq and Syria.
“We reject the suggestion that the Turkish government is in cahoots with the IG to smuggle oil. We have not seen any evidence to support such charges” - leads the RIA Novosti comment to the press service of the Pentagon Elissa Smith.
Military expert and historian Boris Yulin told RT, the Pentagon is unlikely to back up their statements any significant evidence to the contrary.
“The Pentagon likes to say, even the American State Department likes to say that he has the information, but the evidence they usually never lead & lt; … & gt; They said that there is evidence of Malaysian Boeing and by bombing in Syria”, - he explained Yulin.
The expert believes that the comment of the Pentagon is just routine statement reminding that Turkey remains an ally of the US, NATO and Syrian coalition.
“They act as if the joint struggle, and if we recognize that Turkey buys crude oil from the IG and finance terrorism, it turns out that the United States will have to take action against their own allies,” - said the Yulin.
He added that the Americans would be hard to justify the fact that, having access to the information-sharing within NATO, they do not know what their ally in the region, where the United States leads the fighting.

3 December 2015

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