Rubio: Cuba to normalize relations with the United States should “expel Russian”

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Marco Rubio said one of the conditions for the normalization of relations with Cuba, that country’s refusal to cooperate with Russia, China and North Korea.

“I know what a good agreement with Cuba: Cuba holds free elections, no longer put people in jail for freedom of expression, Cuba has a free press, Cuba expels Russian of Lourdes and the Chinese are listening to the station, and stops to help the DPRK to avoid UN sanctions” - Rubio said during a televised debate on CNN.

So politician commented on the words of his rival, Donald Trump, who said that as president he would have stood for the normalization of relations with Cuba only if there is a “good agreement” with the country. So far, in his view, all aspects of the agreements in favor of Cuba, as in the case of Iran.

Debates took place in Florida, where there are many immigrants from Cuba. Sam Rubio was also born in a family of Cuban exiles and now holds the post of the senator from Florida.

11 March 2016

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