Gen. Philip Breedlove says the US needs to increase its number of reconnaissance satellites in connection with the threat posed by Russia

Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe, said that to counter the threat posed by Russia, devoted too little intelligence-gathering and the US needs to focus its technical capacity to the growing military power of Russia.

As the supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Brilav (Philip Breedlove) in an interview, the US has begun to increase the number of specialists in the analysis of intelligence on Russia, which at the peak of the Cold War reached 13 thousand analysts, and three years ago has fallen to a record low the level of a thousand people.

However, according to General Bridlava, the US needs more technical means of intelligence gathering - such as spy satellites that the US is used to monitor the movements of troops and terrorist training camps - which will focus on the threat posed by Russia.

“We see that Russia has refused to partnership and chose the path of aggression - said General Breedlove -. We need to reconsider our approach to what is happening.”

In May, General Breedlove leave the post of Supreme Commander, having served in this position in NATO three years, during which the alliance has evolved from alliance concentrated on the possibilities of expeditionary forces, the alliance stood up for Europe in the face of threats from Russia.

General Breedlove spent most of his military career in Europe, starting from the position of captain and returned four-star general to head the US Air Force in Europe, and then the combined forces of NATO in Europe.

Since the Russian annexation of the Crimea, General Breedlove constantly spoke about the dangers of what he called a revanchist Russia, warning in his speeches about the consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine and the inability to adequately respond to it.

General Breedlove is one of the main architects of US policies in response, which implies a rapid strengthening of the Eastern Europe a limited number of US military and development plan to deploy NATO troops numbering about 4 thousand troops on the eastern borders of the alliance on an ongoing basis.

This week General Bridlava the post of Supreme Commander was replaced by Curtis Skaparrotti (Curtis Scaparrotti), who is now the commander of US forces in Korea, and the first commander of the troops in Afghanistan. Although General Skaparrotti critical of NATO’s threat of statements of his predecessor by Russia, with which he made in Congress, according to some officials, it will be less dramatic in the statements compared to Bridlavom generals.

According to General Bridlava, he came to the post of Supreme Commander, knowing that Russia will be a partner, not an opponent. However, his first steps in this post were designed to refocus the alliance on the so-called collective defense, increasing the number of military exercises in which worked out defense against the powerful enemy.

When he took office as Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO, the alliance has more than 10 years fighting in Afghanistan. As the number of international troops in Afghanistan, the Alliance has rapidly decreased, General Breedlove decided to refocus NATO to fight the more technologically advanced threats.

“We decided that we will create a plan for the exercises, which will be sent to carry out large-scale collective operations and restoration of collective military capabilities, - said General Breedlove -. As it turned out, it was the right decision.”

After the hidden invasion and annexation of Crimea by Russia the US intelligence community, in particular military intelligence, was the subject of harsh criticism for what she could not advance to warn the politicians and military leaders.

intelligence officials dispute that they failed to warn that Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to capture the Crimea. However, they do not dispute the fact that during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, intelligence resources were focused primarily on the threat of terrorism.

“We did not conduct close monitoring of Russia, when I took office three years ago, because then we are still trying to create a paradigm that would force Russia to adopt Western values, - said General Breedlove -. Russia has chosen a different path, or whether it was for a long time in this way, and we do not recognize. ”

Russian officials have repeatedly said that it is NATO and the United States are the aggressors, expanding its alliance in close proximity to Russian borders and dealing with the militarization of the Baltic states. Russian officials said that General Breedlove, along with other NATO officials exaggerated the scale of the threat posed by Russia.

In an interview, Robert Wark (Robert Work), US assistant secretary of defense pointed out that not only the experts of intelligence, but also politicians misjudged Russia. If Russia’s intentions were correctly understood from the outset, the United States would not withdraw their heavy brigades from Europe in 2012.

“All the political community was caught off guard Clearly, Russia embarked on a much more provocative and aggressive path since 2012. Now we are preparing a response..”, - Said Mr. Wark on Friday, April 29, immediately before the meeting with General Bridlavom.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee of Representatives of the US Nyunes Devin (Devin Nunes) harshly criticized the failure of the intelligence community to redirect the right amount of resources to counter the threat from the Russian side.

According to him, Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008 was supposed to serve as a warning signal. After the intelligence community failed to warn of the impending capture of the Crimea, to counter the threat from the Russian side it was necessary to direct more resources. Instead, Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian conflict over American politicians caught off guard.

“In total, the largest US intelligence failure on September 11″, - concluded Mr. Nyunes.

According to General Bridlava, the US made a reasonable choice, concentrating limited resources of their intelligence in the fight against terrorism. Then, the intelligence community has tried to adapt by increasing the number of analysts and focusing on the threat posed by the Russian armed forces. The question now is whether this is enough.

General Breedlove said that the US is currently trying to decide whether it is necessary to reorient a larger number of satellites and other means to monitor the actions of the Russian armed forces. He said he was in favor of increased investment in such funds, as well as increase the number of forces and means of monitoring the Russian.

“Now we need to decide whether to pursue the reorientation of technical means”, - he added.

However, according to General Bridlava, now it is important to remember that the Russian army is in power does not exceed the US Army.

“We need to be careful not to exaggerate their strength, because it is not true - if we over-dramatize the situation, we will lose credibility - said General Breedlove -. But I have already said that, although the Russian army can not be compared with ours, it still quite strong. Russia has shown that it is a military force that is developing rapidly and is able to adapt. “

3 May 2016

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