The Americans plan to sell dry vodka in Russia

American businessmen are planning to sell in Russia powder, which only need to add water to get vodka, rum or cocktail “Cosmopolitan”. This follows from the documents on the registration of a trademark Palcohol by Rospatent (there are at the disposal of “Izvestia”). The press service of the brand Palcohol “News” also reported its intention to enter the Russian market in the next year. “Alkopudra” can come to our market, if the Russian government does not have time to take in advance prohibiting legislative amendments, the necessity of which has Rosalkogolregulirovaniya spokesman. Meanwhile, as found out “News”, the Russian inventors have tried to market their alkopudru, but the attempt failed.

- We hope to sell Palcohol in Russia next year - said “News” the press service of the brand in response to the request for revision. - We can not currently comment on the Russian partners.

As stated on the official website, “it’s just a powder version of vodka, rum and three cocktails” (”Cosmopolitan”, Powderita, ie dry “Margarita”, as well as Lemon Drop). It argues that Palcohol safer liquid alcohol. In particular, because the liquid alcohol “absorbed in the blood up to 30 times faster” than the glass Palcohol. The owner of the brand now - a private company Lipsmark LLC.

Invented alkopudru Mark Phillips.

“Mark - man, leading an active life … hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, etc., - the site says the company. - After several hours of active employment he wants to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink for adults. But these active sessions, and many others, do not mean that you pull behind a heavy bottle of wine, beer or alcohol. The only liquid that he wanted to take with him - it is water. So he thought, because it would be great if alcohol will be a powder, and then everything will have to do - is to add it into the water. ”

Dry vodka in advance not like Russian Rosalkogolregulirovanie. June 3 Deputy Minister Vladimir Spirin, speaking on Russian retail Week, said it was necessary “to ban the sale of alcohol dry.”

- Maybe this topic is unknown, but it appears today - is a dry alcohol, - he said. - The presence of such a dry alcohol is a public danger.

In American society in powder vodka also has many opponents. Citizens say that teens will inhale the powder, like a drug, or mix it with mineral water and drink right at the school. Also, it is unclear what will happen to the man if he would do “Margarita” is not a single bag, and from dozens. In March 2015, the Bureau of taxes and trade of alcohol and tobacco products under the Ministry of Treasury approved labels for alcohol powder. Earlier, the Ministry of Health and Human Services said that he sees no reason to ban these products ………

10 June 2015

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