RKS: Russia found a replacement for the American electronics of satellites

“Russian Space Systems” reoriented to domestic microelectronics for use in satellites, enterprises in Russia are ready to replace imported products the CEO of the company[[t:tag slug=kompaniya]company.

Russian producers, China and several other countries are willing and able to provide a replacement electronics for use on satellites, which had previously purchased in the United States, told reporters CEO “Russian Space Systems” Andrey Tyulin.

“Russian producers are capable of many items to replace imported equipment. They do not reach the parameters of space and military, but we found a joint solution, how to fix it,” - said Tyulin.

In all areas, in particular on equipment for ground-based and airborne systems, the company reoriented to microelectronics domestic production, said Tyulin.

He also said that the “Russian Space Systems” cooperate with China and those countries and companies that do not join the sanctions against Russia.

25 August 2015

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