Media: Syrian rebels asked Obama to stop airstrikes videoconferencing RF (In this case, they did not specify how the American president can affect it)

Syrian rebel groups demanded that US President Barack Obama to take more active measures to “stop the bombardment of videoconferencing RF” on the eve of a new round of peace February peregovorov.11 major players in world politics will meet in Germany to resume negotiations on the peace process in Syria after their failure to last week.

However, as reported by Reuters, “while Moscow continues to support the Syrian government in order to achieve victory over the insurgents overseen by the West, Western politicians and the opposition did not hope for a successful outcome.”

Speaker from the opposition al-Salim Muslat expressed hope that Obama is able to stop the Russian air strikes, but did not specify how.

- If he wants to save our children, but now it’s time to say “No” to these shocks in Syria - quoted al-Muslata agency Reuters.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that the air strikes videoconferencing RF directed solely against the terrorist group LIH * and that Russia does not interfere in the internal affairs of Syria policy.

11 February 2016

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• Obama signed into law training and arming the Syrian opposition »»»
President Barack Obama signed a law allowing the American military to train and equip armed men "moderate" of the Syrian opposition, reports the Associated Press.
• Obama has authorized the CIA to help the Syrian rebels »»»
U.S. President Barack Obama has authorized U.S. intelligence, particularly the Central Intelligence Agency, to support the Syrian rebels.
• Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow is not the voice of the negotiations on the Syrian idea of ​​federalization of the country »»»
Moscow is not the voice of the negotiations on the Syrian idea of ​​federalization of the country.
• Moscow and Washington on the brink of war in Syria mediated. The Russian and American weapons being drawn into the conflict »»»
The opposition in Syria is becoming increasingly fierce. In response to an offensive of the government troops.
U.S. drones are already used to monitor the situation in Syria, according to the American broadcaster NBC, citing sources at the Pentagon.

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