Moldova: “Many, many people are not averse to return the” Soviet occupation “(Voronin told the US ambassador, as the Moldovans and he” suffered from the Soviet occupation “)

The leader of the Party of Moldovan Communists (PCRM), Vladimir Voronin, has sent an appeal to the US Ambassador in Chisinau James Pettit, expressing surprise participation of diplomats in the opening of “museum of Soviet occupation.” About IA REGNUM reported on April 5 at the press service of the Communist Party.

“When I learned that you were at the opening of the so-called exhibition” Soviet occupation “I was in shock - wrote Voronin -. Is that the way you can How can we forget, in the Union with whom the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany and its satellites Is it possible not to? remember the Yalta conference in which Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to post-war Europe? and the second front, speed up the liberation of Europe from fascism? ”

“Do you know, Mr. Ambassador, what is actually expressed the Soviet” occupation “here, in Moldova - continued Voronin -. The fact that the” occupiers “by Joseph Stalin’s orders was transferred from Leningrad Second Medical Institute with all the professors and training base. The fact that both were open pedagogical universities, technical schools. in the creation of rural cooperatives (collective farms) and equipping them with the necessary equipment. The opening of the hospital in the management of communicable diseases. in the construction of factories and the establishment of modern jobs and the working class, in the construction of the capital city of Chisinau ”

Moldovan Communist leader asked Pettit, where he had seen or heard so behaved “invaders.” “And did you know that in Soviet Moldavia were published the largest number of books in the USSR, our theaters, movie studio, folk art, and art become recognized in the world! That’s the” occupation “was! That is why people with great regret and nostalgia those years, and many are not averse to return the “Soviet occupation”, - said Voronin.

He added that he “is also a” victim “of the Soviet” occupation. “” But, that lost his father in the war, yet the Soviet government to me and millions of people has created all conditions for the development of their abilities. Due to the Soviet government, I finished three higher education institutions, became a minister, General. And in a modern, independent Moldova, the people entrusted me with the presidency of the country for two consecutive terms. Why am I writing this? Because I was very unpleasant to see you on this falsification of history, organized by the National Unionists and their puppeteers from Bucharest. I am sure that those who organized your participation in this low-grade, the false exposure, you have brought, “- concluded Vladimir Voronin.

According to IA REGNUM, “Museum of Soviet Occupation” was opened in Chisinau in late March at the initiative of the Minister of Defence of Moldova Liberal Party Anatol Salaru. At the opening of the museum was also attended by US Ambassador to Moldova James Pettit.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed indignation intention of Moldova to create a “museum of Soviet occupation”, noting that the initiative looks especially cynical in the context of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Recall that the current party leader Defense Minister Mihai Ghimpu when he was acting president in 2010, said that Moldova can not be attributed to the “winners” in World War II, as the elimination of the fascist regime from the territory of Moldova led to the establishment of the communist regime, which “is not different from the fascist”. Then Ghimpu signed a controversial decree declaring June 28, 1940 - the day of liberation from Romanian occupation of Bessarabia - “Day of the Soviet occupation.”

In December 1917, the territory of Bessarabia in 1812 was part of the Russian Empire, was occupied by Romania. At the same time the Romanian occupation of Bessarabia never recognized the Soviet Union. In 1924 on the territory of Transnistria and the neighboring regions of the Ukrainian SSR was established the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as a part of the USSR. June 28, 1940 the Soviet Union returned Bessarabia, the merger of a Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic was established MASSR. South Bessarabia and northern Bukovina were incorporated into the USSR. However, a year later, in 1941, Romania reoccupied these and other areas of the USSR, which were finally liberated by the Red Army in 1944. Until 1917, the occupation of Bessarabia was never the territory of Romania, emerged as an independent state at the Berlin Congress in 1878.

It should be noted that a small part of the inhabitants of Bessarabia during World War II, fought as part of the Romanian army, which in 1941-1944. He was on the side of Nazi Germany. In the occupied territories of Romania, Moldova, Pridnestrovie and Ukraine in the period from 1941 to 1944 Romanian fascists were killed, according to various estimates, from 380,000 to 600,000 Jews. Precise data on the overall losses of the USSR as a result of the Romanian occupation is still there. The offensive of the Red Army in August 1944 led to a coup in Romania - Romanian King Mihai I overthrew the fascist dictator Ion Antonescu - and to the side of the anti-Hitler coalition August 25, 1944.

In accordance with the communist authorities of the country in 2003. The law, veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Bessarabia have equal rights with the servicemen who took part in the war as part of the Romanian army.

6 April 2016

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