Terrorist attack in Orlando: checkmate Hillary Clinton (Terrorist attack in Orlando completely changes the whole campaign rhetoric in the presidential race in the US)

Remember six months ago began a powerful impact on Trump in the closure of the borders for radical Muslims?

Liberals then invested as much as possible, to impose Donald his favorite cliches about “fascists horror-horror striving for power.”

The core supporters of Hillary among journalists and bloggers - people of the generation of “Love wins”.

And suddenly, it turns out that Trump was right. I foresee the problem, but was doused with mud. And it poured mud community of people who were the first well and put in a meat grinder radicalism.

When there was LIH? As for the Middle East swept the “Arab Spring” and was ousted Muammar Gaddafi. And who then taxied to the State Department? Correctly. Hillary Clinton. Any debate it with Trump after the tragic events in Orlando are doomed to failure.

The giant clot of negative energy reached the competitor, made a U-turn around and flew like a boomerang on the forehead attackers.


14 June 2016

The National Interest, US: Russia to build 12 powerful warships equipped with 200 missiles each
A columnist for Foreign Policy advised Ukraine to replace the power

• Hillary Clinton refused responsibility for the chaos in Libya »»»
During the debate in the presidential race in the United States.
• Assange called the Clinton campaign of anti-Russian hysteria »»»
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange criticized the US campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, calling it "anti-Russian hysteria".
• Hillary Clinton explained the situation in Libya, the Libyans themselves countering US efforts »»»
After the NATO intervention and the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.
• United States put forward three conditions for an attack on Syria »»»
U.S. does not intend in the near future to begin operation in Syria, like the one that was initiated after the adoption of UN Security Council resolution on the situation in Libya.
• Barack Obama appealed to Saudi Arabia, with a request to equip Libyan rebels »»»
Obama is not accidentally turned it to the Saudi king: Abdullah personally hates Muammar Gaddafi as the Libyan leader had planned to kill him.

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