Russia for 15-25 years will put US 60 rocket engine RD-181

The Russian government has issued a permit NGOs “Energomash” and the Joint Rocket and Space Corporation (ACCD) for the supply of the RD-181 rockets Antares American Corporation Orbital Sciences. Write about it on Friday, January 16, “Izvestia” referring to the president Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” Vladimir Solntseva.

Under the contract, according to Solncev, engines can not be used in military programs - when put into orbit satellites for military purposes. “The contract amount - about $ 1 billion for 60 engines, this amount includes not only the cost of the engine, but also a whole range of services: flight training, installation of the engine on missile testing. In my understanding, the contract is focused on cooperation within 15-25 years, as regularly change engines on the rocket, no one will, “- he said, adding that the first two engines to be delivered in June 2016.

The fact that the US Orbital Sciences Corporation has signed a contract with the Russian NGO “Energomash” for the supply of the RD-181 for the first stage rocket Antares, it became known in mid-December 2014. Currently, there is an agreement to purchase 20 engines, as well as the option for two additional supplies another 40 RD-181.

Orbital Sciences Corporation - a private US company - the leading developer Antares rocket and space truck Cygnus. Previously manned rocket engines AJ-26, made on the basis of Soviet NK-33, but their use was abandoned after the explosion of the rocket, which occurred on October 28 during the launch from Baikonur in Virginia.

The US Senate passed a bill on December 12 appropriations for military purposes in 2015 fiscal year, which, inter alia, prohibits further purchases of Russian RD-180 engines for the American missile “Atlas 5″. A source in the Russian Space Agency, commenting on the ban, said that the contract with Orbital Science provides for restrictions on the use of RD-181 only in the programs related to defense topics. Antares is mainly used for the delivery of cargo to the ISS.

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