“The regime that reigned in Ukraine after the coup, largely relied on Nazi storm troopers, whose task was to unleash a bloody war against the ethnic Russian” - Robert Perry

Journalist Robert Perry of the US magazine “Consortiumnews” popular newspapers criticized the position of the United States for failing to see the Nazis in Ukraine.

The House of Representatives recognized the brutal truth that the American media wanted to conceal from his readers.

Last February, when ethnic Russian rebels approached the Ukrainian port of Mariupol, “New York Times” glorified heroes, defending the city, and especially the Western troops, t. E. Azov brave battalion, who met the barbarians at the gate.

But “New York Times” did not tell his readers that’s what - these heroes were Nazis, some even wore swastikas and SS signs.

A long article in “New York Times”, written by Rick Lyman, was a very disappointing result of the work respected newspaper which to direct propaganda, hiding the dark side of the Kiev regime.

Why we are reminded of this typical, sad article? Because the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted unanimously to ban for US citizens to participate in the activities of the Azov battalion, because of its links with the Nazis.

Even the warlike House of Representatives can not digest the Nazi storm troopers who serve Kiev spear against the Russian population. How can we talk about integrity, “New York Times”, which finds these Nazis so attractive?

And you can not say that the newspaper did not have enough space to write about the Nazi spot. The article is replete with detail, even quotes the commander of the battalion, but it could not find a pair of lines to write an uncomfortable truth that the Nazis played a key role in the civil war in the Ukraine on the side of the United States. The newspaper called Azov battalion simple volunteers.

Nevertheless, on June 10, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to the law in the financing of the Ministry of Defense, which made John Conyers Jr. of Michigan and Ted Yoho of Florida, which block the Azov training battalion from the United States and transfer of anti-aircraft defense systems in Ukraine and the troops in Iraq .

“I am grateful that the House of Representatives unanimously adopted my amendment last night that will give confidence that our military is not trained to the hideous Nazi battalion, together with the measures that will keep dangerous and easy to sell anti-aircraft away from these unstable regions”, - he said Conyers on Thursday.

He described the Ukrainian battalion of Azov, as the 1000 Ukrainian volunteers from the National Guard, which the magazine “Foreign Policy”
He characterized as a “fascist” and “neo-Nazi”. Azov is not just some abstract forces. Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that they will be among the first who will train 300 US advisers sent to Ukraine with the training mission “Fearless keeper.”

15 June 2015

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