US apologized for the Brazilians Lochte

US National Olympic Committee (USOC) has brought to the organizing committee of the Games in Rio de Janeiro apologize for the behavior of the American swimmers. This was reported by the press service of the USOC.

A few days ago said the USOC about the robbery of four swimmers American team on the night of August 14 in Rio de Janeiro. It was stated that Gunnar Benz, Jack Conger, James Feige and Ryan Lochte came back to the Olympic Village to the party when their taxi was stopped by armed people. Posing as police officers, criminals allegedly robbed athletes money and personal belongings.

However, in the course of the investigation there were doubts about the authenticity of the statements of the victims. As a result, Brazilian investigators announced that the athletes were not robbed, and paid for the damage to property at a gas station - being drunk, they allegedly smashed a toilet there. According to Globo TV, this version has already confirmed in his testimony, one of the participants of the incident.

According to investigators, the athletes were trying to escape, without paying for the damage caused to the gas station, but one of the guards, threatening with a pistol, forced the swimmers to remain in place and call the police. Wait for the order of custody athletes did not and agreed to pay damages on the ground - it was about the sum of $ 20, and 100 Brazilian reais (about $ 30).

According to the executive director of the USOC Scott Blackmun, the behavior of athletes is unacceptable and does not reflect the behavior of other members of the team. He also promised to consider punishment brawlers, reports TASS.

“On behalf of the Olympic Committee of the United States, we apologize to the receiving party in Rio and people of Brazil for the misunderstanding in the midst of what is rightfully should be a celebration of perfection”, - said Blackman, adding that now the main goal of the committee will be to support the athletes who continue perform at the Games.

On Friday Benz and Conger allowed to leave Brazil. A day earlier, the country’s Federal Police took them to flight, and seized their passports until the investigation is completed. However, after testifying American athletes were allowed to leave Brazil. According to Globo TV, in an interview with the investigators, they confirmed that the story about the robbery was invented their teammate Ryan Lochte.

Police of Rio de Janeiro brought charges against Lochte and Feige: athletes suspected of “false report of a crime.” During that athletes face a fine and a prison sentence for a term of one to six months, although the final decision on indictments should take the court. In Brazil, currently there is only Jimmy Feige - Lochte had already returned to the United States.

19 August 2016

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