The United States identified themselves as a world leader in space

Advisor to the US President for Science and Technology John Holdren called his country a world leader in space. His statement dedicated to the success of the mission New Horizons, NASA reported.

“My delights latest achievement of NASA, which is not the first time demonstrates the US world leadership in space” - said Holdren. He added that the country has already achieved much in space exploration.

As an example, he noted the success of mission-related space observatory Kepler (designed to search for planets outside the solar system) and satellite DSCOVR (designed for the observation of space weather and the Earth’s atmosphere).

As the prospects for the US space research Holdren mentioned astronauts manned mission to Mars, which is expected to occur in 2030-ies. The program New Horizons, according to the adviser of US President, summed up 50 years of space exploration.

“The United States became the first country to reach Pluto, and with the mission we complete the initial monitoring of the solar system - a remarkable achievement, which can match any other nation,” - said Khodr.

The costs for the implementation of the mission of NASA New Horizons, dedicated to the study of Pluto and its largest moon, exceed $ 600 million. The unit itself was launched into space 19 January 2006 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral on the launch vehicle Atlas V and Pluto reached July 14, 2015. The mission of New Horizons is expected to complete in mid-2020s, exploring objects in the Kuiper Belt beyond the orbit of Pluto.

15 July 2015

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