Tehran demanded the United States to carry out an agreement on the atom

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, said Washington should respect the agreemen[t:tag slug=dogovorennost]agreements reached on the Iranian nuclear program (INP) and prevent it from blocking the congressmen.

“We believe that the United States responsible for the implementation of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program,” - he said at a press conference in Tehran.

The minister demanded that “all measures taken by the US Congress to intervene in a comprehensive Joint Action Plan (agreement on the Iranian nuclear program - IF) must be stopped by the US government.”

This week, Democratic senators in the US Senate blocked a vote against nuclear agreement with Iran. House Speaker John Boehner said Republicans are using all means at their disposal and opportunities to stop, slow down or delay the full implementation of this agreement.

He did not rule out legal action against US President Barack Obama in connection with the fact that he has not submitted to Congress the texts of the supplementary agreements between Iran and the IAEA.

“Six” international mediators (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) and Iran July 14 in Vienna to develop a joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear program. Legal nature of the agreement is to give the UN Security Council resolution that July 20 was unanimously supported by the members of the Security Council.

However, the practical implementation of the provisions of the document, the sides will be able to move only after the approval procedures of the agreement in the higher legislative bodies of the United States and Iran.

The US Congress has the right to consider any agreement on the Iranian atom within 60 days after its signing, and only then decide whether to approve it or not.

14 September 2015

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