U.S. Fed ready to pour into the economy of a new portion of U.S.

Posted on Tuesday, minutes of meetings of Federal Open Market Committee Federal Reserve, held on September 21, investors added confidence that U.S. emission center will expand programs to support the economy. The documents, which three weeks ago, most managers Fed tended to the need for new stimulus measures, the agency said Finmarket.

“Several members of the Federal Open Market Committee noted that if the pace of economic recovery did not increase or core inflation would not return to a level consistent with the mandate of the (Fed), they might consider appropriate measures in the near future” - said in the report, which was published with the usual 3-week lag.

September 21 Federal Reserve decided to maintain the target range of the base interest rate from 0% to 0.25% per annum and reiterated that would keep rates at “extremely low” for a “long time”. In addition, the Bank announced its readiness to apply the “additional instruments of monetary policy” to sustain economic growth.

Minutes of the meeting reflected the differences among the members of the Federal Open Market Committee regarding next steps. Nevertheless, he showed and the presence of a growing consensus on the resumption of buying bonds.

13 October 2010

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