About barbs and subtleties (Russian permanent representative to the UN said he greets with Ukrainian ambassador and how often swoops against US)

Russia’s permanent represen[t:tag slug=predstavitel]representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, gave an interview to the special correspondent of “RG”, revealing the secrets of “the UN kitchen.”

When I walked into your building, I was surprised that in addition to the signs on the doors “of the Russian Mission to the United Nations” and hangs a sign “Permanent Mission of Ukraine.” How do you get along with colleagues, taking into account the current difficult relations between Moscow and Kiev?

Vitaly Churkin: I recall that Ukraine and Belarus are among the states - the founders of the United Nations. Even before the collapse of the USSR in the building, together with representatives of the Soviet Union worked representatives of Belarus and Ukraine. The Belarusian delegation remained here to work on the fourth floor. Ukrainians also got its own building for representation, but kept from us for a one of the floors, which is used as a hotel. Because we control the entrance to the building, I regularly get from the Permanent Representative of Ukraine polite letters requesting missing or that a citizen of Ukraine to pass on the Ukrainian territory of the hotel. Of course, immediately give consent. In doing so, we get along quite peacefully.

And when you meet with the Permanent Representative of Ukraine or his colleagues in the walls of the UN, you say hello?

Vitaly Churkin: It just so happens that with the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the crisis we did not communicate. Avoided each other or something. I will not deny that we have with the Ukrainian delegation tensions.

Apart from Ukrainians, is there any other delegation, with whom you have a long time did not have the contacts?

Vitaly Churkin: There are no delegations. With all the rest we continued dialogue. I even watch the phenomenon: some delegations pronouncing harsh words against the Russian Federation in the discussion of the Ukrainian theme, consciously or unconsciously try to compensate it emphasized companionship.

You often enter the fray with the American ambassador to. You do with it after such clashes hello?

Vitaly Churkin: We have here a very special situation when it comes to the five permanent members of the Security Council. We just have to talk, even if we did not want to communicate with each other because five cooks almost all the decisions of the Security Council. All documents, resolutions, presidential statements produced by the five permanent members. Therefore, communication is simply impossible to avoid. I would even say that disagreements with Ukrainian crisis, have virtually no impact on the communication that takes place in our “top five.”

So what, then, these squabbles are designed more for the public?

Vitaly Churkin: That’s not true. Firstly, these skirmishes - a consequence of a very hard and serious political controversy. Diplomacy - a thing quite emotional, even nervous. There are situations where there are skirmishes. Happen and tighter verbal battles than the ones you see at public meetings of the Security Council. But it’s all part of the job.

You and your colleagues are using profanity in the walls of the UN? Some high-ranking State Department officials, as recently revealed live without it can not …

29 September 2014

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