Obama dissatisfied with the State Department attempts to block the path of Russian planes to Syria. Who’s the Boss?

The US president expressed his dissatisfaction with the State Department of uncoordinated actions prevent the passage of transport planes from Russia to Syria through the airspace of Greece and Bulgaria.

To avoid similar situations in the future, Obama gave his National Security Advisor to the task of building consensus and creating an action plan that will allow to move forward as quickly as possible.

It is noted that the reconciliation process has already started, but the members of the National Security Council at the White House, there is no clear position - at the time, as some officials are ready to confront Russia in Syria, while others consider more reasonable cooperation in the fight against insurgents, “Islamic State” .

“Islamic State” - a terrorist organization banned in several countries, including Russia.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry called unfriendly step ban Bulgarian Russian aircraft to fly.

11 September 2015

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• US does not want to create a no-fly zone because of the threat of confrontation with Russia (White House spokesman said that the attempt to establish a restricted area in the regions of Syria, where Russian planes fly, lead to conflict with Moscow) »»»
The threat of direct confrontation with Russia is one of the reasons why the US is not currently considering options for a no-fly zone in Syria.
• Poll: 46% of Americans believed Russia's actions in Syria "strong and smart" »»»
About half of Americans do not believe their own statements of President Barack Obama that Russia allegedly "acting in Syria from a position of weakness, plead for the government of Bashar al-Assad.
• Russia and the United States contributed to the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria. The government and the Syrian opposition said they would abide by the truce »»»
Source: voal.ch The document is aimed to support the agreement on ceasefire in Syria.
• U.S. in disarray from the Kremlin's policies »»»
The White House welcomed the plans of Moscow to follow the American example and publish data on the nuclear arsenal.
• Obama excluded US participation in hostilities in Ukraine »»»
United States continues to assert that Russia sends military and technology to help the militia of Donbass.

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