Air war. As NATO planes destroyed the USSR

During the Cold War, the Soviet Air Force shot down over two dozen aircraft invaded the airspace of the Soviet Union or suspected of such an invasion.

In the sky, the Cold War became hot

The incident near the Syrian-Turkish border, where, according to the official Ankara was shot down Russian military aircraft Su-24, vividly recalled the times of the Cold War. At that time, the air confrontation between the Soviet Air Force and NATO military aircraft have repeatedly led to the clashes.

According to incomplete statistics, from 1950 to 1983 there were at least 40 cases of the Soviet Air Force aircraft weapons and NATO against each other. These cases do not include military action in Vietnam, Korea and the Middle East.

As military experts believe, in reality clashes were significantly greater, but many incidents were concealed by both sides to avoid escalation of the situation.

This major losses in these battles carried NATO forces, because they were steps in the immediate vicinity of the airspace of the Soviet Union. During the clashes the forces of NATO countries have lost at least 27 planes and helicopters and more than 130 soldiers. Loss of the Soviet Air Force does not exceed 10 aircraft.

Soviet hunting of American scouts

Here are the largest air incidents of the Cold War.

April 8, 1950 aircraft bomber PB4Y-2 “Privateer” the 26th squadron of the US Navy patrol was shot down by Soviet fighters La-11 on the Baltic Sea near the Latvian Liepaja. According to Soviet pilots, the offender led fire on them and was shot down just above Latvia, falling into the sea. The US said that the private plane was shot down. The crew of the downed aircraft, there are 10 people died.

October 8, 1950, two fighter-bomber F-80s “Shuting old” US Air Force during a sortie against ground targets in North Korea (during the Korean War) off course, intruded into Soviet air space and attacked the airfield “Dry River” near Vladivostok. As a result of the raid on the land damaged by 8 aircraft P-63 “King Cobra” Soviet Air Force, one of them was subsequently written off; casualties and no injuries were reported. US apologized over the incident, the commander of the air group, which raided the aircraft was removed from command and translated into staff work; pilots brought to the tribunal.

June 13, 1952 reconnaissance aircraft RB-29 “Superfortress” 91st Strategic Intelligence Squadron US Air Force commits a departure from the Japanese Yokota Air Base, was shot down by Soviet MiG-15 over the Sea of ​​Japan. According to the pilots, the offender led fire on them. All 12 crew members of the aircraft are presumed dead ………

25 November 2015

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