The Diplomate: Russian reconnaissance planes put the US in deadlock

Major Russian financial investments in the program of modernization of its armed forces brought noticeable results, and the United States remains the only envy.

About this in his article for The Diplomate writes veteran of the US Marine Corps Kettlin Patterson. She, in particular, is due to update the arsenal of conventional (conventional) arms, namely the means of electronic intelligence and electronic warfare (EW).

The article mentioned another reconnaissance plane of complex action in the RF group videoconferencing in Syria - the Tu-214R, the expert calls it “the all-seeing.” It has a system like e (ELINT), and electronic intelligence (SIGINT). They allow you to intercept cellular signals from aircraft and military vehicles of the enemy. Thus it is possible to establish a place of its deployment, the number of groups and technical equipment.

The deputy head of the US Armed Forces Cyber ​​Command Ronald Pontius believes that the United States can not keep up the pace of development of Russian military aircraft and were in a much weaker position relative to Moscow. According to him, about the development of their EW Washington altogether forgotten.

21 April 2016

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