Assange called the Clinton campaign of anti-Russian hysteria

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange criticized the US campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, calling it “anti-Russian hysteria”.

“In this campaign there is a huge politicization of the press is of concern that the Clinton headquarters during a campaign accusing all as a Russian spy This is very worried..” - Assange said in an interview to Fox News.

According to him, Clinton is banking on safety promotion.

“She grabbed a kind of hysteria in the spirit of neo-McCarthyism of Russia and uses it in the campaign,” - said Assange.

WikiLeaks founder said that Trump in his campaign, also makes mistakes, but to call it a Russian agent is impossible.
Earlier, the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Michael Morell, who supported the election of Hillary Clinton, in his article in the New York Times called the Republican Donald Trump “an unwitting agent of” Russia.

Similar statements about the billionaire sounded more than once. So, in late July the headquarters of Clinton accused Trump that he supposedly helped Russian hackers, who were suspected of hacking into the servers of the Democratic Party. Republican denied the allegations and offered to cybercriminals find tens of thousands of e-mails that had disappeared from the mail server Hillary Clinton in her when he was Secretary of State.

After that, the Democrats said that Trump encourages espionage by foreign powers.
The organization Wikileaks released 19,252 emails of the US National Committee of the Democratic Party. From the correspondence it implies that the leadership of the party supported Clinton during the primaries and was looking for ways to discredit its main rival, Senator Bernie Sanders.

On the eve of promised Assange, Wikileaks will soon publish new data on the Clinton campaign.

WikiLeaks - an international nonprofit organization that publishes secret information taken from anonymous sources or data leakage. The site was created in 2006.

26 August 2016

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