Syrian opposition leader will seek supplies from Obama MANPADS

Head of the National Coalition opposition and revolutionary forces / NKORS / Syria Ahmed al-Jarboe intends to seek from the U.S. President Barack Obama during the upcoming meeting this week the start of deliveries opposition man-portable air defense systems / MANPADS /. He stated this in an interview with American newspaper Wall Street Journal, published on Sunday online edition.

Al-Jarboe said that it is about providing these complexes elite group of specially trained opposition deserters from the Syrian army and already know how to use anti-tank weapons. At the same time, opposition leader agree on MANPADS supplies directly from the United States and other countries through the approval of the U.S. administration.

“Our mission is to persuade the U.S. to give us a weapon or to convince them to allow our friends to provide us with it, - said the head NKORS. - We want to have only a limited amount that will be used very selectively.”

Wall Street Journal reminds us that such complexes in the region have Saudi Arabia and other U.S. allies.

According to the newspaper, al-Jarboe will meet on Monday with representatives of the Pentagon, and on Tuesday - with Barack Obama. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has already met with the head of NKORS last week. On her head the State Department said that Washington intends to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

The Obama administration still has not officially gave its consent to the provision of MANPADS Syrian opposition, because it feared that these complexes may fall into the hands of insurgents and be used for terrorist attacks.

“We have not changed our position - leads the Wall Street Journal word representative of the National Security Council of the White House Bernadette Meehan. - We made it clear that concerns about experiencing these specific systems, as the possibility of their falling into the wrong hands seriously threaten our interests.”

However, Wall Street Journal previously reported that the U.S. intelligence services and Saudi Arabia provided the Syrian opposition party weapon to combat armored vehicles, in particular, more than 20 portable anti-tank missiles BGM-71 Tow. These systems are in early March, according to the newspaper, were sent to Syria through Turkey and Jordan.
National reconciliation before elections

Syrian President Bashar Assad spoke in support of national reconciliation efforts “wherever possible to achieve success.” According to him, “the Syrian government will continue to fight terror and at the same time to strengthen the process of national consensus in the name of the speedy return of security and stability in all regions.”

Taking on Sunday in Damascus delegation of public and religious circles of the province of Hama, President Assad said that Syria “is moving to victory thanks to the heroism of the army and the resistance of its people” ………

12 May 2014

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