The number of working oil rigs in the United States decreased at a record pace

American oil producers reduce the number of operating platforms for oil production amid falling world oil prices, said on Friday agency Bloomberg.

Thus, the number of towers made as of mid-January 1366 - 55 less than a week ago and 209 fewer than at the beginning of December. This is the sharpest decline in the history of the company’s estimates of Baker Hughes Inc., which counts the working platform since 1987.

According to analysts surveyed by, it shows the advantage of the OPEC oil cartel in the war for market share. Reduced price unprofitable OPEC countries, but allows them to create serious problems and American producers to defend their market share.
“OPEC’s strategy works, and it will be obvious for the production in the US by mid-year - while growth in shale gas production will stop,” - said the agency James Williams, president of the consulting firm WTRG Economics in Arkansas.
The price of Brent oil in the last six months has fallen by more than half - from $ 110 per barrel to around $ 50 per barrel.

17 January 2015

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• TriVest: the price of oil will rise faster than you think. It always happens »»»
Currently, the oil market is dominated by panic, but many people forget that behind strong collapse of prices for black gold was soon followed by a powerful rebound.
By 2017, America will produce 10.9 million barrels a day, and it - 397 billion barrels per year.
• Bloomberg predicted the rise in oil prices to $ 100 »»»
Oil prices in the near future to return to the level of $ 100 per barrel, as demand for fuel will inevitably grow.
• The decline in oil shale production will raise the price of oil to $ 59 / bbl - US Department of Energy »»»
Reduction of oil shale mining will lead to a raising of oil prices to the level of 59 dollars / barrel.
• The collapse of oil will cause a series of bankruptcies in the United States »»»
In the oil market began a new stage collapse in prices.

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