Intelligence and analytical company Stratfor: Russia will not allow at the Maidan, despite the efforts of the United States

Russian authorities develop and use a long-term strategy that would not allow the appearance of color revolutions, analysts believe intelligence and analytical company Stratfor.

The material the company said that the US and its NATO allies are making serious efforts to deepen the confrontation with Russia. Most likely, this confrontation could last a long time, much longer than that of the power will be Vladimir Putin.

For its part, the Russian government is developing a strategy aimed at countering the various color revolutions. And effektrivna strategy - no color revolutions in Russia is not expected.

Recall, Stratfor specializes in the collection of public and private intelligence, analysis and forecasts for the construction of the political and economic situation in different regions of the world.

“Saber-rattling in the style of the Cold War is becoming louder, and it seems that both sides are already considering this as a long-term confrontation,” - said in an article published by the company.

Currently, the Kremlin methodically and consistently oppose any attempt to demonstrations against the government, which is trying to support the US, even in a time when Putin’s approval ratings approaching 90%.

“Russia is not going to remain neutral and leave unanswered the signals from NATO” - sums up the American experts.

To Pravda.Ru recently wrote that the head of John Freedman, director of intelligence - analytical structure Stratfor, speaking at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, startlingly frank described the true purpose of these corporations and the military policy of the country, also known as the “shadow CIA”, which “original” intelligence is not always can afford.

Comment international edition of PRAVDA.Ru: US private military commander in plain text said that the diplomats try to cover properly the White House and Congress - to achieve their goals will be the United States and Europe “hands” of its specific countries, especially Ukraine, will try to take control of all their interest, sovereign territory.

26 June 2015

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