The US Consulate in Istanbul aborts due to security threats

The US Consulate in Istanbul on Wednesday, December 9, to suspend its work due to the security threat, according to the website department.

“Because information about a possible threat to the security of the Consulate General in Istanbul, the US Embassy will work in a limited mode, December 9, 2015,” - said in the announcement.

It is noted that the provision of services, scheduled for that day will be scheduled at a later time. Consulate of the United States has urged citizens to “maintain a high level of vigilance, monitor local events and take appropriate measures to strengthen its own security.” The nature of threats to security is not specified.

The Office also reported that the embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Adana and consular representation in Izmir will operate normally.

Earlier it was reported that after the attack on the US Consulate General in Sarıyer district of Istanbul, it was decided to close it.

9 December 2015

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