US Senator: Saudi Arabia could buy a nuclear weapon because of a conflict with Iran

The senator also said that “deeply concerned” by the possibility of the start of full-scale war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, NEW YORK, January 5. / Correspondent. Ivan Pil’shchikov TASS /. Saudi Arabia could acquire nuclear weapons from Pakistani authorities in light of the sharp deterioration in relations with Iran. This view was expressed on Monday the TV channel CNN en US Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), who is chairman of the Senate committee on national security and for government agencies. SEE ALSO Kuwait recalls its ambassador from Iran Responding to a reporter’s question about whether he thought possible such a deal, the legislator said: “Many of us were seriously concerned that the proposed agreement on Iran will lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the arms race in the Middle East . This is a real risk that should be taken into account. ” “Saudi Arabia has a really good relationship with Pakistan, they can simply buy a gun - he added. - This will lead to further destabilization of the Middle East.” The senator also said that “deeply concerned” by the possibility of the start of full-scale war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. “What we are seeing now - this change in the strategic balance of forces in the Middle East”, - said Johnson. According to him, one of the causes of the crisis was that Riyadh “no longer considers the United States as a reliable ally.” Last Saturday, the Saudi authorities announced the execution of 47 people accused of involvement in extremist groups and terrorist acts. The biggest repercussions massacre of famous Shiite preacher Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who provoked the attack on the Saudi diplomatic mission in Iran. In response, Riyadh 3 January broke diplomatic relations with Iran, followed by the closure of their embassies said Bahrain and Sudan.

5 January 2016

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