Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow declared persona non grata two members of the US Embassy

Moscow declared persona non grata two US embassy staff for activities incompatible with diplomatic status - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Further escalation of the United States in bilateral relations will not remain unanswered - Russian Foreign Ministry

Washington really demanded the departure of two Russian diplomats, without presenting any complaints to themselves - the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the United States expelled two Russian diplomats in response to the incident with an employee of the American Embassy in Moscow - on 17 June, said State Department spokesman John Kirby.

9 July 2016

The National Interest: America can not afford a war with Russia (Washington is not willing to pay $ 5 trillion a year for military conflict with Moscow.)
“Kamchatka loggia” stop NATO (political scientist - the need to deter the United States asymmetric)

• India seeks to close the U.S. Embassy in its territory Club »»»
Indian authorities have demanded from the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi on January 16 to close the current club in its territory amid a scandal with the detention in New York Indian woman diplomat.
• The incident occurred last night at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow »»»
Diplomatic mission to the territory illegally infiltrated a Russian, wishing to go abroad for permanent residence.
• Medvedev: leakage WikiLeaks show the cynicism of American diplomacy »»»
Leaked diplomatic information on the Internet “can cause damage to foreign relations.
• State Department's worst nightmare. Intelligence and diplomatic correspondence of the United States may be published on the Internet. »»»
The U.S. State Department and American embassies around the world are preparing for possible massive unsolved mystery of publication of diplomatic correspondence.
• Russia outraged by criticism of the U.S. State Department: "Why do they scratched at the place where we do not itch?". Foreign Ministry recalled the torture in American prisons. »»»
In Moscow, harshly criticized the U.S. State Department report on the situation of human rights, in which the Americans have put Russia on a par with Egypt and Sri Lanka.

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