Provoking Russia

Are the leaders of the European NATO member states are planning to follow the example of Jose Manuel Barroso, who became, after his presidency, the European Commission, a lobbyist, “Goldman Sachs” / Goldman Sachs /? Maybe they used a NATO summit in order to prepare the transition to work in the “General Daynamiks” / General Dynamics / or in any other armory company? Of course, this assumption is absurd, but it is less absurd than a statement at the July NATO summit in Warsaw on the deployment of new mobile chetyrehtysyachnoy group of forces in Poland or in one of the Baltic States, which are at a distance of a cannon shot from the base of the Russian fleet and St. Petersburg.

The Russian leadership is therefore feels insulted NATO - an organization of the Cold War, which was to disappear with the Soviet Union (1) due to the fact that the summit was held in the city in 1955, the Warsaw Pact was signed under the auspices of the USSR. A statement by US Army General - the new commander of NATO forces in Europe Curtis Skaparrotti not improved the situation, “the command structure should be flexible enough to move from peace to provocative to combat … the natural way” (2). Moreover, the North Atlantic Alliance has also invited Poroshenko - President of Ukraine - is not a NATO member country and being in a state of escalating conflict with Russia. Is that not a provocation?

4 August 2016

Moscow is ready to exchange Yaroshenko convicted in Russia of US citizens (US sentenced to 20 years in prison Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko forbidden to buy food)
Obama has previously accused Russia of a possible breakdown of the truce in Syria

• The Pentagon has announced its readiness to confront Russia after Putin's departure (US Defense Secretary said he hoped that Russia will change its current foreign policy, but "not sure" it) »»»
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter warned that confrontation with Russia can carry long-term nature.
• NATO reconsider relations with Russia (the Alliance has decided to review the whole range of cooperation with Russia because of its actions in the Ukraine) »»»
NATO has agreed to review its relations with Russia "We will review the whole range of cooperation between NATO and Russia.
Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin, accused the North-Atlantic Alliance in support of the Islamists in the African and Middle Eastern countries.
• Ex-Commander of NATO in Europe: Ukraine does not need an alliance »»»
Former NATO Commander in Europe General Wesley Clark, the American believes that Ukraine should not be accepted into the ranks of the Alliance.
• "NATO will enter into a war with Russia, to defend Latvia. Russia will lose NATO and Moscow understands this." Utopia! »»»
“In the event of armed conflict, Russia will lose NATO and Moscow understands this,” - said in an interview to Telegraph Tatiana Parkhalina, director of the Moscow-based Center for European Security.

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