Rating of the American Foundation for the world’s most unstable countries: The most stable - Finland, Russia and Ukraine is stable at 1.13 times

Finland recognized as the most stable country in the world by the American Foundation Fund for Peace. Fund annual rankings of countries on the index of the threat of state collapse (Fragile States Index).

The experts, in particular, compare the human rights situation, the quality of public services, the distribution of wealth and the number of refugees around the world.

Finland this year was the fourth time in a row recognized as the most stable country in the world, and received the highest rating - “very stable country,” won the 178th place in the ranking of the possible disintegration of the state (FSI). Followed by a “steady state”, including the rest of the Nordic countries led by Sweden, said Yle.

Russia took the 85th place, the stability of the country has been rated as “very dangerous.”

The most unstable country in the world rankings drafters called Southern Sudan. Earlier this position for six years held in Somalia.

Fund for Peace published a ranking of 178 countries for the tenth time.

29 December 2014

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