Hillary Clinton: “US considers the territory of Ukraine, as a place to move”

“The unexpected statement was made by US presidential candidate from Democrats Hillary Clinton, in an interview about the future of the United States” - says a leading American publication ABC News Ros Childs.

So, to the question of the country’s future, Hillary Clinton suddenly said that the United States can not ignore the significant deterioration of the geophysical conditions in the area of ​​Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas Fault, threatening catastrophic consequences for North America and endangering its very existence.

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According to Ms. Clinton, time is running out to preserve the independence and prosperity of the future United States, and therefore must be more strongly and consistently address the issue of the transfer of the American state on European territory. The main goal of such relocation must be considered the territory of Ukraine, where climatic conditions are most favorable for American citizens, but due to a confluence of certain circumstances, resolution of this issue is in jeopardy.

“We should not abandon this territorrii as the most favorable for the global American move, because the positions of Russia and will continue to coordinate international pressure for the return of the Crimea into a single territorial space as of February, 2014. In addition, it is necessary to carry out preliminary work for the inclusion of in the future of the European territories of the United States of several Eastern European countries -. Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic countries Thus, we will be able to expand the living space needed to not feel cramped and have the prospect of further industrial and economic development. ” - Clinton said.

On the question of the future citizens of these she states, Hillary Clinton said that the issue is not paramount, as the basis of the existing situation, the inhabitants of these territories will be happy to have the opportunity to become citizens of the new United States, European, but this possibility is not all and some part will be spread across the Middle East and Africa, as this is, unfortunately, an inevitable process with geopolitical developments, where powerful countries hold vital they territorrii weak and unpromising States which, as history shows, stop their continued existence .

“Estesstvenno that European the United States in the future will occupy the territory where the state is in a coma, with no hope of recovery. At the moment, it is no doubt Ukraine, situated on a large and economically profitable territory, which the Ukrainian authorities for more than a quarter of a century is not can efficiently manage, where every year the whole world is watching only progressively growing state, social, demographic and economic degradation. This can also be attributed to the countries of the Baltic region. I hope that the European the United States will be able to adequately replace those nedogosudarstvennye misunderstanding on the European site. and with Russia and China we will eventually find a common language and become good neighbors and equal trading partners who do not need any of war and turmoil. ” - Clinton concluded.

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25 June 2016

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