The report of the US Congress: With bailout, every third pilot of F-35 runs the risk of breaking his neck

Almost every third pilot of the American perspective of the F-35 will face an increased risk to get a lethal neck injury (whiplash) during the bailout, writes the Western media, with reference to the quarterly report of the US Congress, published on October 16th.

According to the ministry, the risk of threatening the pilots with low weight, however, according to the documents to experts, there is a potential danger for pilots with an average weight, reports Defense Aerospace.

Bailouts of any fighter in flight is rare, though, but a tough and risky event. But the F-35 makes it even more dangerous than it should be, the newspaper citing officials.

During ejection of the F-35 cockpit lights (the transparent part of the cabin, protecting the crew and passengers from the impact of the oncoming air flow, weather conditions and noise) deliberately broken explosive charge. After that rushes up seat with great force.

Tests on mannequins, conducted last summer showed that, in particular, light pilots F-35 are likely to be rotated, facing each other, but some may die or suffer serious head injuries when opening the parachute - at least when the aircraft flying low and slow.

This is a “potentially fatal” bailouts, said the head of the F-35 Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan in the United States closed earlier report on this issue, prepared in September.

According to the September document, the chance of injury incompatible with life, is 98% for pilots weighing less than 61 kilograms during the bailout of 160 nodes, the standard speed take off or landing.

Light pilots, according to the document, not allowed to fly on the F-35, because “at risk.” According to the newspaper, about 7% of the US Air Force pilots fall into this category of weight.

October 15 reported that the helmets in the latest US fighter the F-35 pilots would be at risk of neck injuries.

A serious blow to the reputation of the new fighter inflicted disaster, which occurred in June of 2014: because of the engine failure model F-35A crashed in Florida. The government temporarily suspended flights of this model, however, the very next day the ban was partially lifted. In July 2014 the US government issued a new permit to fly the F-35 - after checking on the results of the incident with the ignition of the engine showed singularity of this event.

In January 2015 it was reported that the creators of the F-35 collided with another technical problem and moved the aircraft entering into service from 2015 to 2019.

At the end of June 2015 the media published a report test pilot, who spoke about the fundamental problems of the US fifth generation fighter F-35s. In particular, he said, an expensive new aircraft can not turn around or climb fast enough to maneuver in the air battle to hit the enemy plane and avoid enemy fire ………….

20 October 2015

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