Barack Obama’s decision to place Special Forces in Syria did not support in the US Congress

The decision by US President Barack Obama to send a small group of US military in Syria was seen critical by members of Congress from each party, says Defence News.

Senator John McCain said he believes the decision “another step in the inadequate policy of the Obama administration on the gradual escalation,” which does not correspond to the situation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the growing influence of Russia and Iran in the region. He noted that the decision “totally inadequate to the scale of the challenges that lie ahead.” According to another representative of the Congress, the measure is a change that “will not change the conditions on the ground” and that the terrorist group “Islamic State” will consider this decision as a sign of weakness.

Previously, “Kommersant” reported that US President Barack Obama has authorized sending US special forces to Syria, and they will increase their presence on the base in Turkey. Later, US Secretary of State John Kerry on the basis of a multilateral meeting on Syria in Vienna confirmed that it was decided to send to the north of a small contingent.

31 October 2015

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The beginning of the war without the approval of the President of the Congress will be grounds for impeachment.

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