US State Department: Erdogan should apologize for LGBT Gay Pride crackdown and punish those responsible

Istanbul (Turkey) the police using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the LGBT marsha.V stocks about 150 people attended. Some of the participants tried to get to the central Taksim Square, according to EPA


EU and US consider such action unacceptable and blamed for what happened to President Erdogan of Turkey.



US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that Erdogan should apologize to the LGBT activists to punish the initiators of the acceleration in the future to be more attentive to the violation of human rights and freedoms in Turkey.

“The United States condemns this crackdown and blamed on higher leadership of Turkey. President Erdogan should personally apologize to the activists LGBT and to punish all those involved to disperse” Equality March “. Also, Erdogan is necessary to pay attention to the observance of the democratic process in Turkey. Turkey, as a member of NATO must be the guarantor of democracy and respect for all the values ​​of the Western world, “said Toner.

22 June 2016

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