Efimova won swim in the 100 m breaststroke at the competitions in Los Angeles, overcoming the distance in 1 minute, 6.30 seconds. Previously, she also won a swim in the 200 meters breaststroke

Four-time world champion, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in London, Russian Julia Efimova won in the race for 100 meters breaststroke at the international competitions in Los Angeles. For her, these competitions were the first after the removal of the disqualification for the use meldonium. Efimova overcame the distance in 1 minute, 6.30 seconds, losing only 0.6 seconds to his best time of the season.

Swimming. International competitions. Los Angeles. USA

Women. Brass, 100 m

1. Yuliya Efimova (Russia) - 1.06,30

2. Fiona Doyl- 1.10,23

3. Kirsten Vos (USA) - 1.10,44

18 July 2016

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