In the form of American Olympians saw the Russian tricolor

MOSCOW, July 30 - RIA Novosti. In the media and social networks are actively discussing the dress uniform of the US Olympic team, in which it appears in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Zhaynero.


According to some journalists and members, the Russian tricolor is clearly visible in the form of athletes. On T-shirts athletes have white, blue and red stripes. Thus, when the athletes jackets buttoned, a feeling that they are dressed exactly in the colors of the Russian flag.

According to sports journalist Kevin Caduc, although colors of the Russian and American flags are the same, it is not clear why the band had to be placed in that order.

According Caduc, could not zip up jackets, but it is unlikely the US athletes want to pass for “sluts” in the eyes of the world community.

In social networks in the dress uniform of American athletes responded sarcastically.

“? Again, the work of Russian hackers Mike’s American team for the opening ceremony [OI] looks like the Russian flag,” - says @UniWatch.

Another Russian hacking job? Team USA opening-ceremony shirt looks like Russian flag. - Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) July 29, 2016

“It looks as if people are wearing a blue jacket over a Russian flag How could you have missed it.?” - Asks @purplecarnival.

“It mistakenly placed the color, similar to the Russian and Serbian flags, or this comical coincidence Lord bless RuS & amp;? USA”, - commented @absolutefriends.

Some users, however, accepted this form aggressively.

“Throw out this form and even get rid of these white pants We do not need a Russian flag on our athletes..”, - Says @SpencerLeone.

30 July 2016

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