Yulia Efimova reminded Americans about to catch on marijuana and alcohol behind the wheel of the 22-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, the award-winning Olympian in history Michael Phelps

In 2009, the US Swimming Federation pushed Phelps from competition for 3 months for the use of marijuana.

In addition, in October 2014 the swimmer was disqualified for six months for driving while intoxicated.

He escaped any penalty by WADA, since marijuana is one of the WADA banned drugs only in-competition.

In response to the American Lillie King the dismissal of Olympic Games ever convicted of doping athletes Efimov offered to recall the incident with Phelps.

“Then she (King.- RT) say about Michael Phelps? I’m against doping, had never made use of, but should always be one more chance, because you can not take those pills, you they will bring someone or something more . it always has to be one more chance “- quoted by Tass Efimov.

Russian has noticed that never used banned drugs intentionally.

August 9, 2016 Phelps made a statement in relation Efimova, saying that the performance at the Olympics athletes caught for doping “breaks his heart”, “destroys the meaning of sport” and its annoying. Also, the American said that he wants “someone to do with anything about.”

In this case the athlete previously laid out on his page on Instagram pictures with American athletes Tyson Geem and Justin Gatlin, who were also caught for doping, but were given the right to perform at the Olympic Games in Brazil.

Source: cs8.pikabu.ru

It turns out, “Do not be caught - not a thief”?

12 August 2016

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