US and EU for the implementation of the agreements should affect Minsk to Kiev, Russia is doing everything to fulfill their DNI and LC - Putin

Moscow. June 6th. Interfax-AVN - the United States and the European Union should have an impact on the Kiev authorities to implement their agreements in Minsk, Russia, in turn, will do anything to affect the DNI and the LC, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“We certainly do its part and will continue to do everything in our power to make an impact on the authorities of the unrecognized, self-proclaimed republics - Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. But not everything depends on us”, - Putin said in an interview with Italian the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera on the eve of a visit to Milan.
“Our partners in Europe and the United States should have a corresponding impact on the Kiev authorities today. We do not have such an impact on them, which are in the US and in Europe, the Kiev authorities to fulfill everything what agreed in Minsk,” - Putin believes.
He emphasized that the implementation of the Minsk Agreement shall be closely coordinated with the leadership of the DNI and the LC, which Kiev wants to do.
“The problem is that today representatives of the Kiev authorities do not want even a single negotiating table with them to sit down. And this we can not influence. To this may affect only our European and American partners”, - the head of state reiterated.
He called on Europe and America to stop “scaring” Russian sanctions. “We are absolutely nothing to do with it, it is not our position. We want to achieve the implementation of these agreements”, - assured Vladimir Putin.
According to him, “Minsk-2″ - “it is the right and maybe, today verified only way to solve the problem.”
“We never would have agreed to it if it had not considered it correct, fair and feasible”, - added the President.
He recalled that the first condition for a political settlement was the cessation of hostilities in the east of Ukraine and the withdrawal of heavy equipment.
“In general, it did. There are shootings, unfortunately, until now, and the victim is, but there is no large-scale fighting, the parties are divorced” - stated Putin.
Now, he said, is necessary in the framework of the Minsk Agreement constitutional reform, “to ensure the autonomous rights of the respective territory of the unrecognized republics.”
“The Kiev government does not want to call it autonomy - they prefer other terms, talking about decentralization. Our European partners - it is their hand made corresponding entry in Minsk agreement - to decipher what must be understood by decentralization is the right to language in cultural identity, cross-border trade “, - reminded the president, noting that these requirements have nothing” beyond the civilized notions of what should have national minority in any country of the European. ”
Also, he said, need to adopt a law on municipal elections in these areas and the amnesty law.
p.s. Donetsk. June 6th. Interfax-AVN. In Donetsk, the night did not cease gunfire.

6 June 2015

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