The Wall Street Journal: US allied troops were powerless over Russian avionics

During the joint exercises in Eastern Europe the US military was forced to admit that the radio, they deliver allies vulnerable to Russian technologies.

Latest Russian electronic warfare system, allowing the enemy to intercept the signals and create interference for them, constitute a serious challenge to the forces of US allies, conducting exercises in Eastern Europe, writes The Wall Street Journal referring to the US military.

The developed technologies allow Russian troops not only successfully identify the source of enemy radio signals, but also to better disguise their own radio communications, which allows to maintain the secrecy of displacements Armed Forces, the newspaper writes.

According to the US Army, to observe the exercise in Lithuania, the protection of communications is the main difficulty. Lacking such protection, allies can not articulate data on its finding and location of the command units. As a result of the US armed forces were forced to send to the Lithuanian division of his sergeants and send coded messages through them.

According to WSJ, the American radio technologies allow communication of a very high level of secrecy, but due to restrictions on export laws, these transmitters can not be provided by the allies, so they get more simple designs.

According to the WSJ journalist Julian Barnes, American politicians are afraid that more advanced technology will fall into the hands of “Russian agents”, so resist the removal of restrictions on their exports. Development of the effective radio systems, which could be used allies, is far from over.

8 July 2015

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