Pentagon: US Army is at the limit of their strength

Readiness of the US Army[/t:[t:tag slug=vojsko]Army will be at risk, if it is decided to reduce the number of ground troops, said the deputy minister of defense for personnel and readiness Brad Carson in an interview with Stars and Stripes.

Due to cuts in the number of budget spending US Army may be reduced from 450 to 420 thousand troops. In this case, the army reached the limit of his strength, persuaded Carson. He noted that currently the number of US Army is minimal since the Second World War.

“Already, the army require perform many operations, from West Africa and the crisis with Ebola to the problems in Iraq and Syria. Russia, of course, is a threat. The requirements for the Army did not weaken, but at the same time, its strength is reduced,” - Carson said.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense, the number of troops has greatly diminished in recent years, and further reductions would be “cause for serious concern.” “I’m afraid our readiness to suffer again, and we will take five to ten years to get out of this situation”, - he added.

Reduction of the US military budget could be resumed in fiscal 2016, starting from October 1, if Congress does not agree to suspend the cuts in defense spending. During the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of US soldiers in active service up to 570 million, is planned to reduce the number of troops to 450 thousand, but the sequester threatens to reduce their number to 420 thousand.

Earlier, former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno said that budget cuts will force the US military to abandon a number of foreign liabilities. According to him, the further budget cuts closely fail to “defeat” of the army.

18 September 2015

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