American journalist: 2015 - the year when Russia said the US “stop”

Since 2003, Moscow patiently watched as US-led forces provoke chaos in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. But 2015 was the year when Vladimir Putin headed for Syria and said the United States to “stop”, writes American columnist Robert RT Bridge.

“At a time when diplomats communicate with each other by a firewall and accounts on Twitter, the method of Moscow in informing their American counterparts about the beginning of a special operation in Syria resembles knightly times”, - said bridge. Washington argues that first learned about the plans of Russia in Syria during the visit of the Russian general at the US Embassy in Baghdad. A few hours later, the Russian air force, with the support of Damascus stunned the world by launching a powerful offensive against Daishev.

“This was the” exclamation point “after Russian President Vladimir Putin, who a day earlier at the UN General Assembly, lashed out at Western powers because of the chaos that they provoked in the region” - says the browser.

He notes that Putin’s words that Daishev could not appear by itself, and the group was formed as a weapon against unwanted secular regimes, supported by documents released by the American non-governmental organization Judicial Watch. Published materials confirm the connection with the US terrorists.
“It is not surprising that US policy seems to have created more terrorists than eliminated, because it is an integral part of the strategy from the very beginning - to use these forces to overthrow the unwanted government. Russia has realized that inaction will allow this group of savages almost unimpeded in Syria, dangerously close to the Russian border, not to mention the naval base in Tartus Russia. Yet somehow this predictable step Russia caught the West by surprise, “- said Bridge.

Turkey is also not expected to expose its oil business. Ankara, came into a rage from Moscow’s plans to destroy not only Daishev, but its oil business, “put the world under the threat of a third world war, shooting down a Russian Su-24,” notes columnist.

“The military operation in Syria uncovered a hornet’s nest of illegal activities, most of which are only indirectly connected with Daishev. Where will these disturbing revelations - it is too early to predict, but the prospects for peace in Syria in the near future seem unlikely,” - sums up the author.

26 December 2015

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