The quality of cameras in cellphones change

Californian company InVisage Technologies, dealing with developments in the field of photosensors, promises within two years to bring to the commercial phase of its new technology “quantum dots”. It will help make the cameras built into mobile phones, many times better quality

22 March 2010

The leader of the Ku Klux Klan are not allowed to serve on a jury
Mars rover “Spirit” cooled to a record low temperature

• Developed camera capable of shooting around the corner »»»
The staff at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) continue to routinely surprise.
• Interview with the man who changed the world. Inventor of mobile phone: "We knew that one day he will be in each" »»»
Martin Cooper and his team, working at Motorola, have created perhaps the only thing used and businessmen, and teenagers - the mobile phone.
• Tiny sensors to detect dangerous substances phone »»»
The tiny silicon chip, which works similar to the nose, may one day detect dangerous airborne chemicals and alert the emergency services via mobile phone.
• Apple accused of stealing the concept iPhone »»»
Company NetAirus Technologies accuses Apple of illegally using patented technology, writes The Loop.
• Scientists have created a laser generator antisveta. He does not radiate, and creates a lack of light »»»
The new laser, which produces no light pulses, and their absence (ie.

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